I think we have all played with iron filings and magnets but never got this result.

Using iron filings and the NASA-created ‘ferrofluid’, a liquid which, when magnetized, can form a variety of shapes, the Norte Estudio animation company realized the ferrofluid shapes reminded them of some dark Nordic landscapes.

FERRO from norte on Vimeo.

I Need Your Help

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Western Park, Leicester

Western Park is Leicester’s largest park first opened in 1899. The park is a mixture of meadow land, woodland and hedgerows. It also provides sporting activities such as Lawn Bowls, BMX and much more. Family and children are well catered for. Regular concerts are held in the band stand throughout the summer. It is maintained for the community by Leicester City Council.

Passenger to Frankfurt (1970) Agatha Christie [REVIEW]

1342060This is the first time I’ve ever attempted to write a literary review, but I do need to feel that I need to come to the defence of one of my favourite authors, Agatha Christie. When the name of Christie is mentioned people would immediately bring to mind, two characters, Hercule Poirot & Miss Marple. Both are in the genre of crime, whodunnit, for which Christie quite rightly has been referred to as “The Queen of Crime”. But Christie was much more than this, unfortunately she has been stereotyped into the crime genre. Continue reading

English Language – Don’t Be Rigid with Grammar

I recently read a very interesting book by a young author, Dan Brown, “Narrowboat Lad book 1” available as a Kindle e-book. So before I begin this is not a review of that book, but more a Dans Book1criticism of one or two of the reviews on Amazon and people’s criticism using supposed rigidity of English grammar that does not exist.

There was only one or two, one star ratings, but this does illustrate some people’s attitude to the English language. The rest of the reviews quite rightly were five-star ratings. Continue reading

Dan Brown – The Narrowboat Lad

tumblr_inline_nf8l14ddvo1sncosaYouTube has come a long way since it first started by allowing users to upload short video clips of course that is still an important part of YouTube, but now it is expanded where you can get some real serious information and so many channels to choose from. So it’s very difficult in some respects to list a YouTube channel which I, the viewer, find outstanding in many ways. Outstanding because of the person behind the channel. Continue reading