Passenger to Frankfurt (1970) Agatha Christie [REVIEW]

1342060This is the first time I’ve ever attempted to write a literary review, but I do need to feel that I need to come to the defence of one of my favourite authors, Agatha Christie. When the name of Christie is mentioned people would immediately bring to mind, two characters, Hercule Poirot & Miss Marple. Both are in the genre of crime, whodunnit, for which Christie quite rightly has been referred to as “The Queen of Crime”. But Christie was much more than this, unfortunately she has been stereotyped into the crime genre. Read the rest of this entry

My Views on God

A little while ago I wrote a series of posts that was on my old website just before I pulled it down. The title of these posts is “God – A Personal Perspective”. I have now revised it and uploaded it as a four part article. Click here to read. Alternatively click the ‘Article’ tab at the top of this page. As with all my posts I welcome constructive critique.

Science vs God

Creation Laura Sotka 2008It is in human nature that we all consider so often the question of creation. In the past this has always been in the realm predominantly of religions that “God created the heavens and the earth” but to believe the religion approach meant that you had to have a belief in something which is faith.

In more recent times the philosophy is, that we must take the scientific approach and that religion is just outdated and superstitious. In fact atheism is scientific where religion is superstition and therefore has no place in today’s society. Read the rest of this entry

English Language – Don’t Be Rigid with Grammar

I recently read a very interesting book by a young author, Dan Brown, “Narrowboat Lad book 1” available as a Kindle e-book. So before I begin this is not a review of that book, but more a Dans Book1criticism of one or two of the reviews on Amazon and people’s criticism using supposed rigidity of English grammar that does not exist.

There was only one or two, one star ratings, but this does illustrate some people’s attitude to the English language. The rest of the reviews quite rightly were five-star ratings. Read the rest of this entry

Dan Brown – The Narrowboat Lad

tumblr_inline_nf8l14ddvo1sncosaYouTube has come a long way since it first started by allowing users to upload short video clips of course that is still an important part of YouTube, but now it is expanded where you can get some real serious information and so many channels to choose from. So it’s very difficult in some respects to list a YouTube channel which I, the viewer, find outstanding in many ways. Outstanding because of the person behind the channel. Read the rest of this entry

Desolation of an English Market Town

Welcome to My New Blog

Most of you might not realise that I have moved over from my ritual hosting site to I was using WordPress software and my main reason for moving is as a cost saver. I really don’t make that many posts.

I did have a look at Google’s Blogger but it was totally useless at trying to transfer the domain and I’m not the only one to find this. At least we WordPress the moment I put the information in to my DNS records everything seems to take effect immediately.

So bear with me I do have some post to transfer and then we’ll see where we go from there.



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